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Now Buy & Sell Used Books on Facebook With Your Personal Bookshelf

Collector's Editions, Out-Of-Print Books, Used Textbooks... Discuss, Share and Find them all on Bookadda Bookshelf!

“Brilliant! It’s like having a second-hand book market in the confines of my bedroom.” – Mohit Ahuja, writer

“The BookAdda Facebook App is the best thing to have happened to students like me. I don’t have to worry about spending on new textbooks now. I can simply log on to the app and buy used textbooks or place my requests on it.” - Anmol Gupta, Delhi University

How Does It Work?

Install and log on to the Bookadda Facebook Bookshelf App
Click on 'Buy/Sell Used Books' and browse through the list of books if you want to buy or upload info about books you want to sell
Contact seller directly and buy book or wait for buyer to contact you if you are selling

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Bookadda Bookshelf?
The Bookadda Bookshelf is an easy-to-use application that allows you to create a virtual bookshelf, check out what others are reading and reach out to a worldwide online community of readers to buy/sell/exchange books. It gives you a platform to not just showcase the books that you are reading or want to read, but also have great discussions with other readers.
2. What is 'My Shelf'?
'My Shelf' is the virtual bookshelf that you can share with your friends. Through this you can -
a. Add books that you are currently reading or have read to your bookshelf.
b. Add books that you want to read at some point.
c. Add books that you want to buy or sell.
3. What is 'Friend's Shelf'?
The 'Friend's Shelf' icon takes you to the bookshelves of your friends. Here you can view your friend's shelf, see the books they are reading, the ones that they want to read and the books that they are willing to sell/exchange.
4. What is the 'BUY/SELL Used Books' tab?
The 'BUY/SELL Used Books' tab takes you to the virtual marketplace of the Bookshelf. Here you can browse through used books that other users are offering for sale or exchange. It also allows you to upload information about any used books that you may want to sell. Make sure you fill all necessary information so that prospective buyers can find it easy to contact you.
5. What is the 'Wanted Used Books' tab?
The 'Wanted Used books' tab allows you to see the books that other users want to buy or exchange. In case you are a seller, you can check if the book you plan to sell is listed here and then contact the buyer directly. Alternatively, you can post information about the book that you are looking for here and wait for the seller to get in touch with you.
6. What is the 'Authors Zone' tab?
The 'Authors Zone' tab is a feature that will be launched real soon. It is a place where Authors can interact with their readers and vice-versa. This zone allows authors to create a profile and allows their readers to follow them and to discuss his current and forthcoming works. Watch this space for more updates about this tab.
7. What is 'Invite Friends' tab?
The 'Invite Friends' tab allows you to invite friends from your Facebook friend list to join the Bookadda Bookshelf and share their bookshelves with you. It's a great way to start interacting with like-minded readers and start discussions around your favourite books and authors.
8. How do I add books to a shelf?
To add a book to a shelf, just browse to that shelf and select the 'Search to add book to your shelf' option on the bottom left of the interface. Once there, you can search for the book you'd like to add to your shelf through its title/author/ISBN number and add the book you want.
9. Can I buy books from the bookshelf?
Yes, clicking on a book that you have added to the bookshelf gives you the option to either buy a new copy from Bookadda or to buy/exchange the book from another Bookadda Bookshelf user.
10. How do I remove/shift a book from my shelf?
To remove a book from your shelf, click on the book. On the page that opens, you are given the current status of the title on the top right corner. Clicking on 'Change' gives you the option to either 'Delete it' from your shelf or shift it to another shelf.
11. I did not find my book, what do I do?
The Bookadda bookshelf gives you the option to add books to our one crore plus strong database. Not only can you add details of the book, but you can also upload an associated image for that book.
12. How can I display my bookshelf activity on Facebook?
Each book that you add is automatically posted on your wall.
13. How can I sell my used book?
You can check out the 'Wanted Used Books' section to see if somebody has posted a requirement for the book you want to sell. Once you find such a user, you can contact him directly using the contact details and make your Sale/Exchange. In case you don't find a suitable buyer, you can list your book on the 'Buy/Sell Used books' section and wait for a buyer to contact you.
14. How can I purchase an used book?
You can purchase used books by contacting people willing to sell or exchange them. These posting can be found on the 'Buy/Sell Used books' section. If you are unable to find somebody willing to sell the title you are looking for, you can always put up a request in the 'Wanted Used Books' section.
15. I've found a buyer for my book, how do I send him the book?
The Bookadda Bookshelf does not provide shipping support for buyers and sellers. It only aims to connect people willing to buy/sell books. You can contact the buyer and ship it out by courier or deliver it yourself and collect the cash. That's one way to make friends.