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Make money by becoming a Bookadda affiliate

Earn upto 11% affiliate commission*viareferrals!
Join us! Just fill in a few simple details to be a part of our network.
Use our banners and/or Book search boxes to link back to Bookadda.
Earn up to 11% affiliate commission* on books bought by users coming to us through you.


Our affiliate program is a great way for you to earn money by linking back to our website by placing book links, banners or our search bar on your website.Not only do you help your website visitors to buy books from the best online bookstore at the best prices, but you also earn up to 11% affiliate commission* every time a user clicks on the link, banner or searches a book; and makes a purchase on our websites.


How much can I earn via this affiliate program?
The sky is the limit for your potential earnings!
Put simply, you earn a (Industry best) up to 11% affiliate commission* on all the books that users routed through your link purchase on Bookadda.com. Please referto Terms & Conditions for more details.
How does it work?
Refer visitors from your website to bookadda.com using any of the formats available under our affiliate program. You earn money whenever visitors follow links from your website, to our websites, and make qualifying purchase. Not only do you earn, but also your users benefit through the low prices and extensive catalogue at Bookadda.com
What are the different banners/links I can use?
We keep adding ways for you to help your customers explore books at best prices. Right now, you can link to www.bookadda.com using:
  • Banners with the Bookadda logo
  • Booksearch box that helps your user quickly find books they are looking for
  • Individual book boxes that enable you to showcase specific books on your site and allow your users to buy them

We are in the process of adding many more. We welcome suggestions in case there's any feature you would like us to add.

Why can't I see my earnings for recent orders?
We credit your earnings as soon as the book is delivered to the customer. The majority of the books are dispatched within 3-4 days while in special cases where a book has to be sourced from outside India, it takes additional time.
What are the payment methods?
Your affiliate commission is paid on a monthly basis for qualifying products shipped in that month. We will accrue and withhold the affiliate commission until the total amount due is atleast Rs.1000, post which we make the payment by cheque.
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