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Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing

Paper Back
by Ashok Ambardar  
Language: English
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Book Summary of Digital Signal Processing

Paper Back

Intended for a one-semester junior or senior level undergraduate course, this book provides a modern and self-contained introduction to digital signal processing (DSP).
It is supplemented by a vast number of end-of-chapter problems such as worked examples, drill exercises, and application oriented problems that require the use of computational resources such as MATLAB.
Also, many figures have been included to help the student grasp and visualize critical concepts.
Results are tabulated and summarized for easy reference and access. It also attempts to provide a broader perspective by introducing useful applications and additional special topics in each chapter.
These form the background for more advanced graduate courses, and also allow the book to be used as a source of basic reference for professionals across various disciplines interested in DSP.


  • Useful for engineers in the industry as overview for self-study.
  • Drill problems with answers follow most examples to help understand concepts.
  • Many end-of-chapter exercises.
  • Relevant information on analog signals is summarized in a separate appendix.
  • Includes application-oriented material.

  • Table Of Contents:

  • Introduction / Signals / Digital Filters / Signal Processing / The DFT and FFT / Advantages of DSP
  • Discrete Signals
  • Scope and Objectives / Discrete Signals / Operations on Discrete Signals / Decimation and Interpolation / Common Discrete Signals / Discrete-Time Harmonics and Sinusoids / The Sampling Theorem / An Introduction to Random Signals
  • Time-Domain Analysis
  • Scope / Discrete-Time Systems / Digital Filters / Response of Digital Filters / Solving Difference Equations / Zero-Input Response and Zero-State Response / The Impulse Response / System Representation in Various Forms / Application-Oriented Examples / Discrete Convolution / Convolution Properties / Convolution of Finite Sequences / Stability and Causality of LTI Systems / System Response to Periodic Inputs / Periodic or Circular Convolution / Deconvolution / Discrete Correlation / Discrete Convolution and Transform Methods
  • z-Transform Analysis
  • Scope and Objectives / The Tow-Sided z-Transform / Properties of the Two-Sided z-Transform / Poles, Zeros, and the z-Plane / The Transfer Function / Interconnected Systems / Transfer Function Realization / Causality and Stability of LTI Systems / The Inverse z-Transform / The One-Sided z-Transform / The z-Transform and System Analysis
  • Digital Processing of Analog Signals
  • Scope and Objectives / Ideal Sampling / Sampling, Interpolation, and Signal Recovery / Sampling Rate Conversion / Quantization / Digital Processing of Analog Signals / Compact Disc Digital Audio / Dynamic Range Processors - Audio Equalizers - Digital Audio Effects - Digital Oscillators and DTMF Receivers - Multirate Signal Processing
  • Design of FIR Filters
  • Scope and Objectives / Ideal Filters / The Design Process / Symmetric Sequences and Linear Phase / Window-Based Design / Half-Band FIR Filters / FIR Filter Design by Frequency Sampling / Design of Optimal Linear-Phase FIR Filters / Application: Multistage Interpolation and Decimation / Maximally Flat FIR Filters / FIR Differentiators and Hilbert Transformers / Least Squares and Adaptive Signal Processing
  • Design of IIR Filters
  • Scope and Objectives / Introduction / IIR Filter Design / Response Matching / The Matched z-Transform / Mappings from Discrete Algorithms / The Bilinear Transformation / Spectral Transformations for IIR Filters / Design Recipe for IIR Filters
  • The Discrete Fourier Transform and Its Applications
  • Scope and Objectives / Introduction / The DFT / Properties of the DFT / Some Practical Guidelines / The DTFT and the DFT / The DFT of Periodic Signals and the DFS / The DFT of Nonperiodic Signals / Spectral Smoothing by Time Windows / Applications in Signal Processing / Spectrum Estimation / The Cepstrum and Homomorphic Filtering / Optimal Filtering / Matrix Formulation of the DFT and IDFT / The FFT / Why Equal Lengths for the DFT and IDFT?
  • MATLAB Examples
  • Introduction / Examples of MATLAB Code
  • Appendix A - Useful Concepts from Analog Theory
  • Scope and Objectives / Signals / System Analysis / Convolution / The Laplace Transform / The Fourier Transform / Bode Plots / Classical Analog Filter Design
  • References
  • Index

    Details Of Book : Digital Signal Processing

    Book: Digital Signal Processing
    ISBN: 8131501795
    ISBN-13: 9788131501795
    Binding: Paper Back
    Publishing Date: 2007
    Publisher: International Thomson Computer Pres
    Number of Pages: 608 
    Language: English
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